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Arkansas Valley Car Club

The 'seed' for the club was planted in 1984 when Sherry Dey and Marge Miller, with the help of the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce, organized the first "Buena Vista Antique Car Show" that would later become the annual "Mountain Mania Classic Car Show."  The popularity of the show spread and soon became more than the two ladies could handle by themselves.

In 1986, the AVCC was conceived by Chip Brooks and Pegi Brown.  The first meeting of the club was held at the local Buena Vista roller rink.  The club assumed the organizational responsibility for the Chamber's annual car show.  The founding members at the meeting were Dan and Pegi Brown, Randy Crane, Ron and Marty Sutton, Chip and Zella Brooks, and Ron and Kathy Haug (the Haugs are still active members in the club.)​

July 1987 brought the club’s first “Fantastic Fourth of July Car Show” to life.  The show was held at the park behind K’s Dairy Delite on U.S. Highway 24 in Buena Vista on Independence Day weekend.  There were approximately 60 vehicles on display for public viewing.

Before too long, the show outgrew the park and was moved to historic East Main Street.  To date, the car show attracts over 125 cars, motorcycles, and light trucks.  The show’s name was subsequently changed to “Mountain Mania Classic Car Show” (MMCCS) as it was not always held on Independence Day but the weekend closest to the day itself.  Proceeds from the MMCCS historically provided funds for college scholarships to Buena Vista and Salida area high school students.

With the growth in club membership and Mountain Mania Classic Car Show participation, the AVCC submitted its Articles of Incorporation to the Colorado Secretary of State in June 1991.  The purpose of the new corporation was “To promote the sport of automobile-related activity and to host a car show annually.”  The application for incorporation was approved by the state the next month and the club was designated a not-for-profit activity.  The AVCC is also an Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt organization.

Regretfully, in late 2016, the AVCC membership decided to discontinue their sponsorship of the annual Mountain Mania Classic Car Show.  Happily MMCCS continues to be a major event for Buena Vista on the Independence Day weekend as a project of the Buena Vista Events Cooperative (BVEC).  The AVCC is a significant participant in the show and several AVCC members are also members of the BVEC.

Currently the AVCC has a membership of approximately 25 families.  In addition to area car shows and swap meets, the club participates in many family-oriented activities such as bowling nights and potluck dinners.  The club also participates in the Adopt-A-Highway Program sponsored by the Colorado Department of Transportation by picking up litter along a portion of U.S. Highway 285 south of Buena Vista and having dinner afterwards.

For more information about the club, please contact one of the officers listed on the Contact page.

(Information current as of January 2019)