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Arkansas Valley Car Club

Sunday, May 6th

We held our first "Impromptu" Arkansas Valley Car Club gathering this evening at the south parking lot on Main St and Rail Road in BV.  It was our first one and the e-mail just went out today.  But we had good cars and friends show up.  Honora supplied fresh sandwiches and chips.  We had a few passersby stop to admire our Classics as well as to tell us their stories..


We had Gyf and Juan Lacey, Gary and Lisa Thompson, Jim Olson, Honora and I as well as Bill Henry in his Orange AMX.  Bill’s friend Steve Sodia stopped by.  Sean Kelly, the auto upholsterer stopped by on bicycles with his son and wife Nicole (soon they will be neighbors of ours).


Steve and I met a young man that is learning to be welder and is working on his older Mercedes.


Even Cort of The Lariat saw us and had to come check it out.


If you have a car you love and are proud of, we’d love to see you and your car. 

Or you can just come visit with your friend.


Weather permitting we will do it next week too.