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AVCC Road Trip To The Rambler Ranch

Thank you to the members and friends that joined this adventure!


The trip to Rambler Ranch in Elizabeth, CO has been in the works since last spring, when the club decided to go.  It is the largest private Nash, Rambler and AMC Collection in the country.  We agreed on Saturday, September 15th, and have been counting down ever since.  Several of us caravaned to Castle Rock Friday afternoon.  We checked into the Hampton Inn and stopped by the Poor Boy Cruisers gathering at the library before heading to dinner at the Hideaway.  Saturday morning dawned bright and clear – the perfect weather to visit the Rambler Ranch.


At 9 am, several club members and friends that did not come the previous night met up with us in the lobby of the hotel and we continued our caravan to Elizabeth.  We stopped at Walmart to get sandwiches at Subway to take with us for a picnic at the Ranch following the tour.  We then proceeded to the Ranch, tucked in the northern end of the Black Forest.  A hidden treasure to be sure!


Terry Gale, owner and founder of Rambler Ranch, retired from the oil and gas industry at the age of 31 in 1993.  He started building his dream of the Rambler Ranch with the 1954 Nash Ambassador his father left him when he died in 1977.  It quickly became more than even Terry dreamed it would be. Today, the collection has one of every year of the Nash/Rambler/AMC/Kelvinator lines with only a few items missing, as well as a few unusual brand X’s. And Terry only makes it available to private groups of ten or more.

Terry met us in the parking area to share the story of how the Ranch came to be. We then went to the first pole barn he built to house his collection.

Nash Metropolitans in every color!

Gary and Gyff both took a shine to this 1919 Nash, but Juan liked the mannequin best.

Honora and Lisa goofing off as usual.  Juan was quite fascinated with Terry’s hover board. I know what she’s getting for Christmas.  btw - the car behind her is the only one of its kind in the world.

You can see how the collection displays the evolution of every model. All in all, Nashes have some pretty sensual lines.  Ramblers on the other hand...    ;-)

I’ve always liked the way they do landscaping with tires and cars.  I was amazed to see they even have the same style Mercedes as what I’m restoring in my garage in his Brand X building.

Of course the battery in my camera died only half way through the tour with a couple much larger building still to see. ☹   I can’t show you everything, you really need to see the Rambler Ranch for yourself.  With over 600 cars on display in five pole barns, wear your walking shoes!


Thanks again to all that joined us,

Gary R.