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Friday, September 14th

Castle Rock Poor Boy Cruisers

When Jim Olson, Honora and I came up with the idea to have an every Friday impromptu car gathering at Railroad and East Main it was because Honora and I had been part of something similar that is hugely successful in Castle Rock.  It is known as “Poor Boy Cruisers”.  What made the Poor Boy Cruisers so much fun was the motto: “No rules, no dues no meetings.”  It is just a bunch of car people that like getting together when they feel like it, sharing stories and cars.  It started small but quickly grew in popularity. 


Since 7 of us (Gary and Lisa, Glenn and Cay, Jim, Honora and me) from the Arkansas Valley Car Club were in Castle Rock Friday evening we drove over to see what was there now.  Thank you Jim for driving your beautiful Trans Am all the way to our weekend festivities.  While there were some familiar faces and cars from several years ago, there were many new ones. Here’s some snapshots of our time there.

Above is Kevin DeMoss (in the red shirt) talking with another member of PBC.  Kevin is the owner of

the 67 Blue and Silver Mustang that is a clone of mine (I like to say that Kevin’s Mustang is mine with a college degree).  Under the hood of that Nova looks pretty healthy. 

Here we find Jim Olson’s Firebird Trans Am holding its own against this great Corvette.

Everyone found something interesting to look at and people to talk to.  Gary and Lisa are talking to the owner of a Corvette that wrapped his car to look like a Hot Wheels model.

When we asked about others that used to participate, we heard the best thing – the gathering had gotten so big that it has divided and a bunch of cars that now meet across town at the Lowe’s parking lot.  How cool is that...?!?!?


On Friday, the 7th, in Buena Vista we had our largest group yet at 12 cars.  The concept of a casual gathering Friday evenings is taking hold here in our beautiful valley!  Thank you to all who have stopped in and participated this summer.  It makes me feel good to have started something good here.  We will continue until the weather turns…

Gary R.