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Friday, September 7th

Well, it finally happened.  Our “impromptu” Car Lover’s gathering started out with the same dedicated group but quickly grew to be the best gathering of the summer So Far!


I’ll start out with the folks that joined us for the first time.


From my point of view the Stars of the event were Carl and Dave Sulkey.  I was so excited to see them drive up in their amazing 41 Chevy. 

Have you ever had the opportunity to just sit down with Carl and listen to the Classic Car history that man has been a part of?  From his time with all the biggest names in Custom Classic Cars in the L. A. area Carl has lived in the middle of the greatest names in Hot Rod building and restoration. He was a very hands on guy.  He truly is a treasure.


Phil Falise showed up in his 1957 Thunderbird.    Ken from Ken’s Transmission brought out his 1957 Oldsmobile.  Ken took top honors at the Leadville Car Show this summer with this beauty.

Gary Haroutounian from Nicco’s Custom Designs Jewelry and Watch Repair came in his newly purchased red Mustang Convertible.  And David brought out his black Mustang Convertible.  These girls were cutting it up with Mike and Ruth’s 31 Imperial with his Thompson .70 Machine Gun

We had another gorgeous Thunderbird show up.  Steve and Meathead showed up on this vintage motorcycle and stole the show.  This dog was a sweetheart and loved being pampered.

These following pictures need no explanation.  Just great people sharing their loved cars and enjoying each other's company.

The evening was what I always imagined when Jim, Honora and I came up with this Impromptu Gathering idea.  I Love It!


I’d like to thank

- Mike and Ruth Simpson for sharing their 1931 Chrysler Imperial (and Thompson Machine Gun), 

- Gary and Lisa Thompson for always coming through for Honora and I and bring out their Firebird Formula , 

- Jim Olson for the drive he has to make from way up north (after the loss of Burt Reynolds this week Jim’s Trans Am was very popular.  And for all he does for the Arkansas Valley Car Club Website.  Thank You.), 

- Jack and Lulie Melton for always bringing out Miss Scarlet (the red Toyota Land Cruiser),

- Allan Warholoski for bringing out his red and black Chevelle (which btw was a Shavano7 award winner at the Salida car show last month), 

- Phil Falsie for sharing his '57 Thunderbird,

- and my wife Honora for pushing away from her work to bring down Kermit, her 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser with it’s first generation LT-1 Fuel Injected Corvette motor.

This is the entrance of the Rambler Ranch.  On Friday, the 14th, a number of club members are traveling to Castle Rock to overnight and then on Saturday we will be going to the Rambler Ranch Museum and Wrecking Yard in Elizabeth, CO.  If you’ve never been there you are missing an amazing place.

SO - hopefully some other folks will come down to BV and keep the parking lot places occupied...!!!


Until Next Time.

Gary R.