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Friday, August 31st

Even with threatening weather we had the biggest turnout of cool cars and the most people just stopping by to see our cars and share their stories of why these cars have meaning in their lives.  We had a great time.  Even though we had a nice group of folding chairs set up only a couple people used them.  Most of us just wandered from one group of people to another.  When it broke up a nice group of us went down the street to Deerhammer Distillery for drinks and dinner.  That mobile kitchen cooks really great food.

Our neighbor Sean Kelly had a relative visiting from Iowa and they brought down bring this Chevy Lowrider and tandem bike with ape hangers here from Iowa. 

Carolyn and Barry Hayes brought down Carolyn’s sweet little VW Bug (Miss Emma) to share with us.   Jack & Lulie Melton’s drove their Toyota FJ-40 (Miss Scarlet) to play with Honora’s FJ-40 (Kermit).

Gary and Lisa Thompson are good regulars at our Friday gatherings with their Firebird Formula.  It seems to get a fair amount of attention by folks maybe wanting to buy it.  Mike and Ruth Simpson are a big hit with their new 1931 Chrysler Imperial.  I always drive my Mustang GT Coupe down for the fun of driving it as well as showing it.

We had a fun evening sharing our Classics with a great collection of fans of our cars.  If you didn’t come, you missed out again.

Gary R.