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All summer we’ve been having an impromptu Classic Car gathering at the south parking lot of Main Street and Rail Road.  We always have the same hand full of newer members show up that just enjoy seeing the rare new car and spending time together.  But it seems every Friday there is some new car that shows up.  This week it was Mike and Ruth Simpson unveiling their new 1931 Chrysler Imperial.  It is beautiful and looked brand new.

Glenn and Cay from Salida showed up with their cool Chevy pickup truck. 

A couple of our newest members, Jack and Lulie Melton brought down Miss Scarlet, their Toyota Land Cruiser.

Honora’s Land Cruiser ( nick-named Kermit) and Glenn's Chevy.  Alf and Linda Rudd brought over their everyday driver.

Gary and Lisa Thompson arrived in style in their Formula Firebird.      And of course I was in the 67 Mustang GT Coupe.

No way of knowing how long the weather will allow us to keep gathering. But I’m just guessing we can do this most every Friday afternoon until it gets darker earlier or the weather just says “NO”.


Thanks to all of you who come out.  We enjoy your company.


Gary R.