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6th Annual Guffey Car Show Off, Guffey

Saturday, June 9th

This Saturday my 1967 Mustang GT Coupe was taken on its first road trip.


We were invited to the Classic Car Show in Guffey, Colorado.  I was impressed with the size of the show as well as the types of cars that were there. 


Guffey is a town with a population of around 90 residence.  It is most known for its mayor is normally a dog or a cat.  Right now the mayor is a fat cat.


The bar putting on the car show charged no fees for entry in their show.  They had trophies for Best of Show, Best Engine, Best Paint and Best Interior.


The strangest thing happened as this classic car show was setting up.  All the surrounding Pondarosa Pine Trees with new buds, burst the bud pods and showered all the cars and people with the yellow/green pollen dust.  I was waxing the Mustang when it happened.  There was no way to keep up with it showering down on us all day so we all just quit trying and had a good time.  We have the same thing happening in our forest where we live.