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Friday, May 11th


Wow!  We had a nice time gathering at the south side of Rail Road and Main Street.


They say a picture is worth 1,000 words - here's a few pictures!


Patty and Jim Olson’s Firebird – Trans Am


Tom’s RS Camaro Convertible

These kids are restoring this Pontiac Catalina.  There is no interior in this classic yet but this car full of 4 young men wanted to be part of what we had happening.

Glenn drove up from Salida to be part of what we’re trying to get going again with the Arkansas Valley Car Club.


Honora and I have known Dave and Karry Olmstead since way back when Honora had her Ferrari and we were part of the Ferrari Club in Denver.


I drove my Mustang GT Coupe as always but Honora brought down her new 1974 Toyota  FJ40 Land Cruiser with a Fuel Injected Corvette LT-1 motor.


Joanne Letko and Bill Henry shared their Silver Corvette with us this time.


Here’s Bill Henry and Gary Thompson checking out Tom's RS Convertible.


This is Karry and Dave Olmstead’s Ferrari 430 and Glenn's Cutlass.


Folks If you’re not dusting off your classic and joining your friends, you’re missing out on some good ole Car Folks fun.  After things broke up  a group of us headed over to Lorenzo’s for dinner and libations.


If you didn’t come, you were missed!

Gary Roberts